Best Man Speech Crib Sheet

It seems that every other day now another friend is getting engaged or married. So what happens when you get asked to be the best man? Here’s just some good ol’ manly advice on how to make a best man speech from a pretty cool book, “The Art of Manliness” by Brett and Kate McKay.

1. Open by thanking those who made the day possible. Single out the bride and groom’s parents by name, and offer a toast to them for not only putting on the wedding but for raising two fine people. Thank the guests for coming.

2. Transition to your speech: “I am especially glad to be here on this occasion to celebrate this wonderful day with my friend/brother.”

3. Talk about how you know the groom, why you’re grateful for having him as your friend, and why he’s such an upstanding guy.

4. Share a story about your friend and connect it to the couple.

5. Raise your glass and say something to the effect of: “Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love for _____ and ____!”

6. Let out a sigh of relief.

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