Mint Julep

Another great drink with bourbon. Again we used Knob Creek and Bulleit (separately), both affordable yet tasty liquors. Here is the recipe we used:

Mint Julep

In a shaker add:

10 mint leaves

1/2 simple syrup

Muddle well to release the mint oil to really get that flavor expressed. Then add:

3 oz bourbon

1 ice cube

Let the mixture steep for 5 minutes. Think of it like a tea. You want the flavor of the mint to be released in the bourbon. The ice helps cool the mixture and take a little sting away from the bourbon. Once steeped, shake the mixture well and pour into a glass half full of crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig. If desired add:

1/2 -1 oz tonic water or sparkling water for a more refreshing version

This helps take some of the bite away from the bourbon and adds a nice fizz.

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