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Accelrys “Raise Your Game” Cocktail Night

deluxe | mixology was privileged to make drinks for Accelrys’ annual sales kick-off party at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.

In order to impress the 250 employees, we were asked to incorporate various aspects of molecular mixology into the different drinks. We decided on 4 cocktails, each with its own unique twist. Since craft cocktails are our specialty, we were happy to bring in some molecular mixologists for consulting and ideas that really took our cocktails to the next level.

Here’s a list of our drinks:

Smoke-Infused Old Fashioned

Smoke-infused bourbon, organic sugar, bitters, orange peel, cherry

For this drink we constructed a simple old-fashioned but added a twist. After each drink was made we smoked it using a smoke gun and different flavored wood chips to really add a different element. The smoke hit the nostrils and added a rich aroma before the initial sip.

Cactus Cooler

Reposado tequila, lemon, lime, agave, raspberry cotton candy

A great San Diego drink and our own take on the margarita. The cotton candy was added to an ice-filled margarita glass. After the drink was shaken, it was strained over the cotton candy, which provided some visual stimulation. Since the liquefied sugar was heavier than the rest of the liquids, it sank to the bottom of the glass and added a blue hue to the rest of the drink. It also made for a sweeter finish.

Chai Brandy Punch

Jamaican rum, brandy, milk, chai tea, brown sugar, nutmeg

A simple but tasty punch that brought more of a wintery feel to the event. Reminiscent of eggnog, this punch was our “dessert” drink that guests could enjoy after their meal. For theatrics, we added dry ice that bubbled and smoked in the mixture throughout the night.

Einstein’s Elixir

Prosecco, St. Germain, Crème de Violette caviar

This was our signature cocktail. Sweet and bubbly but with the crème de violette caviar in each cocktail, guests were able to experience one of the cooler aspects of molecular mixology. With a sip of prosecco and elderflower followed by a bite of crème de violette and a rush of flavor, this was the favorite of the event.

Overall our drinks were received well and Kevin and I had a great time working with some old colleagues and new partners. We want to give a shout out to a few people for helping make this event possible. Thanks for all of your help!

Oscar Olivares, Mindful Mixology

Frank Giganti, Mixology Bartending Academy

Derwayne Chesterman, Liquid Syndicate

Ryan Caliendo, Caliendo Photography

Elizabeth Eldredge, Accelrys Event Coordinator

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