Review of Home Bar Basics by Dave Stolte

Home Bar Basics and Not-So-Basics Book Review

Don’t let the small size of this book throw you off (as I almost let it) because Home Bar Basics is chock-full of pertinent information, years of knowledge, and some fascinating tips. Author Dave Stolte, utilizes his passion for craft cocktails to write an entertaining and simple manual that teaches the reader what to drink and how to drink it. Say no more to juice and vodka and say yes to the world’s most classic cocktails, presented in an easy to learn way. Complete with a list of spirits to stock your home bar with as well as timeless recipes, histories behind the alcohols used, and the proper way to make each drink, Stolte does a great job of getting to the original roots of some of the most well-known drinks today. He shares recipes for homemade mixers that really add to each drink and give them the freshest and most enjoyable taste one could hope for. Recipes include the basic Old-Fashioned, Mint Julep, and the Martini, and the not-so-basic Jack Rose, Zombie, and El Diablo. Lastly, be prepared to spend a little more on alcohol because Stolte is all about enjoying the best spirits in these drinks. You’ll thank him later when you realize just how much of a difference it makes. Quality over quantity is what Home Bar Basics is all about. Hope you enjoy it as much as Kevin and I have!

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